Seaflower Institute

A ridiculously talented friend of mine, Ele Marr, has started her own blog on WordPress – the Seaflower Institute.

Unlike my haphazard, what-the-hell style of blogging, Ele’s actually themed her blog and it looks amazing, you guys. Seaflower Institute is an organisation dedicated to hunting monsters and researching the Occult.  Set in a spooky universe full of mandrakes, Creeping Dreads and soul thieves, the blog keeps accounts of all the spooky animals, plants and artifacts the Seaflower Institute encounters.

This adorable critter is called a Lingering Horror.  The account sounds terrifying but I still want one.  Or ten.  D’awww.

Every account is written in character, by a cast that grows with each entry.  The blog’s still in early days right now, so there’s plenty of time to catch up and get to grips with the universe and characters before it’s chock full of entries.

After four years together at uni, Ele’s used to me gushing over her every creation, but she needs more people to gush over her, too.  If you like weird, half-horror, half-humour like Welcome to Night Vale, SCP Foundation and X Files, definitely check this out.