Handwriting vs Typing

I came across this video this other day, of author Jon Skovron explaining how he hand writes his entire epic fantasy novels.

This made me so weirdly nostalgic, because I used to write exactly like that!  Here are some of the notebooks I filled cover-to-cover writing just one book:


That Snow White notebook is way too adorable for the gory scenes I wrote in it.

And here is some idea of how ridiculously thick the book is altogether (excluding the notebooks I didn’t fill all the way/couldn’t find for the photograph):


I don’t hand write nearly as much anymore, because when I was about seventeen someone told me real authors just type their novels straight up.  Typing is faster and cleaner, and MS Word keeps a word count for you instead of you having to count it out yourself and scribble numbers in the margins.  And with netbooks and iPads becoming popular, typing got more portable too, so when I started my next book I got out my laptop and typed it up from draft one.

This makes me kind of sad now.  People still buy me tonnes of notebooks for my birthday, and instead of filling them on a bi-monthly basis, I hoard them at the bottom of my bookshelf.  They all look so forlorn sitting there, waiting for their turn to be loved.  Soon, my pretties, soon.

Maybe someday, I’ll go back to handwriting all my novels.  For now, though, my notebooks will continue to work as quick places for me to scribble ideas/doodles/short scenes I don’t want to forget rather than full-length manuscripts.

Do you hand write your novels/articles/shopping lists before typing them up, or go straight to typing?  Which do you prefer?  Comment and let me know, because I am lonely and need people to talk to. :p


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