Focus and Forest Spirits

I just read an article that says if you want to run a successful blog you need to stay focused. As in, all your posts should be about travelling or geeky stuff or (in my case) writing, since then your posts pop up quicker on a search engine.

A shame, really, that I have the attention span of a golden retriever in a room full of squeaky toys. I just want to play with everything.

So here’s a picture I took last summer and never got around to sharing.

It’s a forest spirit from Princess Mononoke! Geeky graffiti is the best kind of graffiti.

I haven’t been up that hill since the summer, so I don’t know if he’s still there. I like to think he is, watching all the dog walkers with a confused, slightly shocked expression.


3 thoughts on “Focus and Forest Spirits

  1. To be honest, I had (and still have) no idea what that thing is painted on the… thing it’s on (I thought it looked like a headstone for a second but then I was like theres no name on it and theres no other head stones around it and usually people aren’t buried completely isolated from all the other dead people unless your princess diana, so its probably not a headstone) but, I do like the fact that your graffiti is so cute! Here I drive around and see profanity and “di**s out for Harambe” written everywhere and its not very cute.

    • Mike informs me that the box is probably a transformer for all the lights up on the hill, which would make sense. I had no idea, though.

      Oh man, we have plenty of rude/stupid graffiti, too. And one guy who’s weirdly obsessed with eggs, since he’s scrawled “EGG” all over the bridge over the train tracks nearby, along with an illuminati triangle eye. Maybe he’s trying to tell us something, but I have absolutely no idea what.

      If you haven’t seen Princess Mononoke, the forest spirit probably is more confusing than endearing. xD

  2. The mysterious egg graffiti artist… I couldn’t help but laugh. That’s something you would watch on an American sitcom. “Oh dear…look at that apartment building. Egg Guy has been at it again.”

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