I am a Master of Writing

I’m sorry for my long absence.  At first, I told myself I was resting, taking a break from writing after my dissertation.  Then, I was busy helping my lovely friend Madeleine edit her sequel to Sons of Thestian.  Shortly after that was finished, I cracked my knuckles and got ready to get back to work with my blog and my own book — and promptly became ill.

cat falls over

When it rains, you spend hours sniffling on the sofa, cuddling a hot water bottle in front of rubbish daytime TV.

But I’m better now, back to working on my novel … and today, I received my results for my Master’s course.  I passed MA Writing for Children with Merit!

I didn’t expect to get my results until next month, but I’m so happy to have them early.  The MA was a heck of a lot of work, and now I can’t wait to be back in Winchester, wearing a silly square hat and waving my rolled-up certificate around.