Erebus Extract

I’ve put up an extract of my book series, Erebus, on this site.  It’s the first chapter, and it’s sitting under the Writing Extract tab at the top of the page.  Here, have a map I painted from when I was doing world building a while ago:


Erebus has been my pet project for so long now I can’t imagine not writing it.  When I finally finished the first draft in November 2012, I didn’t know what to do with myself.  Eventually I managed to distract mysef with other projects, and for a while I was happy imagining my Erebus characters sitting on a beach somewhere in Mauritius, sipping cocktails out of coconuts and patting themselves on the back for surviving seven years of my writing.

After a year or so, though, my characters seemed to get bored of all the sunshine and relaxation and decided to start tapping me on the shoulder again.  Rather insistently.  With sledgehammers.  So I’ve gone right back to the beginning and started to re-write Erebus all over again, with a view to having a much more polished draft for potential agents to look at.

Please do read the first chapter.  I hope you like it!


Yesterday, I handed in my dissertation.  Not phoning up all my friends and family to belt out Etta James’s “At Last” is taking more effort than I should be willing to admit.

It was a hell of a project – one I’ve been working on since August – and although it’s not the most time I’ve ever spent on a piece of writing, it’s undoubtedly the most effort I’ve ever put in.  A lot of late-night cups of coffee and mid-afternoon naps went into those 10,000 words, and it’s strange now to think all I can do is wait and cross my fingers for a good grade.

I have plenty of work to do in the meantime, not least of all applying for my Master’s and finding a place to stay next year.  No time for thumb-twiddling!