Amelia is a science fiction and fantasy novelist for young adults, and proof-reader and editor for Mag Mell Publishing.  She graduated from Winchester University with a First Class BA in Creative Writing in 2014, and went on to study MA Writing for Children in 2015.

Amelia grew up by the Jurassic Coast in Dorset, writing very serious stories about the fairies in her neighbour’s blackberry bushes.  When she was seventeen she wrote a particularly bloody fairy tale for her A Level coursework, for which her English teacher dubbed her ‘Unicorn Murderer’.  This is her second favourite nickname, losing only to her GCSE Biology teacher’s moniker ‘Doctor Death’ (She’d had a bad day, and was very enthusiastic dissecting frozen hearts and eyeballs).

These days Amelia’s given up chopping organs, and resorts to violence only in her writing.  She is currently working on a steampunk novel featuring reincarnating assassins, steam powered automatons, and a high velocity airship chase.

Besides writing, Amelia’s hobbies include dancing (well), painting (poorly) and playing the piano (well enough to get a baby grand any day now).

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